[Education Package] Protect the Earth from Climate Change!

Learn & Act, a project conducted by the Sunhak Peace Prize, provides educational packages on diverse global peace issues tailored to middle school students and above!

Among them, we would like to introduce educational materials on climate change, which is under threat due to extreme global warming.

Teachers refer to the teacher guide and teach students through slideshow presentations. After the training is over, the students fill out a student activity sheet to organize the lessons learned during the training session. This is an educational program designed to help one express one’s own ideas.

Each package consists of a learn and act training program that consists of 60-minute lessons each!

It informs students to become aware of diverse issues that have become a global problem but are not yet known to students. At the same time, it is a project designed to educate students to be active!

Now, let's take a closer look at the topic we're going to introduce, 'Fighting Climate Change'!

"What started climate change?"

Part 1-4 contains the concept of climate change and the various damages that are occurring around us due to climate change. Furthermore, climate change in the last 100 years is an anthropogenic factor caused by human activities. We can dig more profoundly into the cause.

The raw materials of greenhouse gas emission and gas production, which are perceived as the main causes, are rendered easier to understand through visualized statistical data and photographic data.

In the introduction introduced earlier, the definition of climate change and the cause of the problem was investigated. The [Brainstorming] chapter examines the daily phenomena experienced by the onset of climate change and consists of a chapter that helps students to constantly think actively.

In the fifth part, we confirm that climate change is a serious problem through examples such as seasonal changes caused by extreme climate change, natural disasters caused by unstable weather, and risks to the ecosystem.

How can we prevent climate change?

In parts 6-7, we can learn together what to do to prevent climate change! It educates on the greenhouse gas reduction target by 2030 advised by international organizations and how to solve problems on how international, national, and individual efforts should be realized.

- [ACT] The need for global solidarity and effort

This shows that climate change is a global crisis, not an individual level, and the cooperation of all members of the world is required to solve it.

The last part introduces environmental activists who work across borders and examines how serious the climate change problem we are confronted with is and how we are working together to solve it. The student activity paper presents 6 subjective questions related to climate change and 4 questions regarding the video of environmental activist Greta Thunberg's speech at the United Nations. It is structured so that students can reflect on what they have learned and express their feelings and opinions.

We have introduced educational materials on the topic of 'climate change' prepared by Run & Act thus far! I hope that it will be helpful to those who wish to receive education on 'climate change'!

This material is available in 7 languages (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English, French, Spanish, and Arabic).

In addition to climate change, we also provide educational materials on diverse international issues, thus please pay a lot of attention!

▼ You can download it on our Sunhak Peace Prize official website.



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