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9월, 2021의 게시물 표시

Founding the Sunhak Peace Prize

  "We must harbor the awareness that all people are our brothers and sisters. We must think of all the world's problems as our own and have the pioneering spirit needed to resolve them. A global citizen who embraces the world with love and lives for the sake of others will feel pain in his heart over the hunger in the world and will try to help others, even if it means sharing the food that is already on his spoon. " In honor of the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his One Family Under God legacy of peace transcending racial, religious, and national barriers, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon established the Sunhak Peace Prize in 2013, as an extension of his work for peace.   Under Rev. Moon's vision of peace that "humanity is a family community comprised of successive generations," the Sunhak Peace Prize takes an expansionary view of peace for all of the humankind including future generations. While other awards for peace have taken a reactive approach focusing on issues t

Promoting Global Good Governance with Global Leaders

  “ Universal Peace Federation will renew the United Nations and lead the way for millions of Ambassadors for Peace throughout the world with true love and the ideal of a true family. They will fulfill heaven’s will to re-create the world as one family under God.” Based on the vision of “One Family Under God,” Rev. and Mrs. Moon founded the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) in 2005. The organization is a non-profit peace-making organization striving for global good governance. At the establishment of the organization, the founders traveled around the world, visiting 180 countries, to meet heads of state and to bring cooperation between an organization and the visiting country. Their efforts have laid a concrete foundation among world leaders and advanced UPF to be at the core of the peace movement to bring global good governance. Ever since UPF has been expanding its broad and passion-filled movement to realize world peace in this era. Currently, UPF holds general consultative status

Peace in Maternal Love

  "Why did God give us brothers and sisters? Siblings represent all human beings around the world. Our love for our own siblings expands into our fellow countrymen and humanity. Love among siblings means that one sibling is willing to go hungry so that his brother or sister can eat." Women have been subjected to much persecution throughout history. However, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon had conviction and foresight that the future world of peace will be led by women’s motherly love and wisdom. Therefore, she and Rev. Moon founded the Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) in 1992 to lead a women-centered peace movement with the aim of realizing world peace through a motherly heart. WFWP, which has branched out into more than 119 countries around the world, continues to play an important role in promoting women's involvement in building a world of peace. In 2001, it gained general consultative status with the UN in recognition of its efforts and dedication to this front. On

Dream to Connect the World

  "For thousands of years, history has seen the continuous increase of divisions. Each time a different religion was adopted or a new regime came into power, more boundaries were drawn and wars were fought. Now, however, we live in an age of globalism.  For the sake of the future, we must become one." Modern nations have created a system in which they build boundaries to compete with each other to fulfill their national interests. This vicious cycle of self-servitude culminated in the most destructive events in human history: the World Wars. With the sole wish to see a peace-loving global community centered on God, Rev. and Mrs. Moon proposed a grand project that would link the entire world by a single highway system.   Rev. and Dr. Moon envisioned the "International Peace Expressway" as a project to bring the world together into a peaceful world community centered on God. Their vision of breaking down the borders that divide the world, turning conflict zones into n

Solution to World Peace Lies Within the Ocean

  "The future of humankind lies in the ocean. If you want to farm or raise cattle, you need to buy land.  But if you want to catch fish, you can go anywhere in the sea. There is an abundance of food in the ocean, and the maritime industry that ties the world together is lively. The ocean is an infinite treasure trove that humanity must take responsibility for." Today, the concept of peace has evolved beyond just the absence of war and violence; it is a concept that includes the eradication of prejudice and poverty. From their early days, Rev. and Mrs. Moon worked towards a world without inequality, hunger, poverty, and disease where humanity is harmoniously integrated into a global community. They pioneered a technology standardization movement to help the economies of developing nations grow and built maritime industries for catching and processing krill to help solve the problem of hunger. They have also put forward solutions to climate change, overpopulation, the food

Building Peace Upon Interreligious Harmony

  "Religion is like a wide river flowing toward an ideal, peaceful world. The river flows for long distances before it comes to the wide expanse of peace.   On its way, many streams flow into it. The streams cease to be streamed from the point they meet the river. From that point, they too become part of the river.  In this way, they become one."   Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon recognized that conflicts between religions are a serious threat to humanity. They, therefore, sought to resolve these conflicts by bringing together diverse religious groups to work together for world peace. Rev. and Mrs. Moon believed that the existence of various religions on earth thrives because God had been leading humankind with religions that meet the regional and cultural needs of each civilization. Therefore, if the various religions can come together and share God's Will, then their fraternal love can lead to a world of peace. Seeing how interreligious dialogue and

Lifelong Journey to Reconcile the Two Koreas

  "If South Koreans love North Korea more than they love the South,  and North Koreans love South Korea more than they love the North, we could unify the peninsula today."   Peace on the Korean Peninsula is a crucial topic not only to the people of Korea but to the entire world. Due to its geopolitical location, the Korean Peninsula has experienced two millennia of power struggles between surrounding nations that understood Korea's geographically strategic importance and sought to capture its advantage. Korea today is the only remaining divided nation in the world and is the site of one modern age's most intense confrontations. Rev. and Mrs. Moon, who had experienced internal displacement in their home country of North Korea, have devoted themselves to the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula throughout their lives. In the midst of the Cold War, they proposed an ideology for peaceful reunification based not on political ideology or military might but on a

Bringing an End to the Cold War

  "Human beings are created by God, and all beings are unified bodies having both material and spiritual aspects. Therefore, I am opposed to the historical materialism of communism. I have carried out a movement for victory over communism throughout the world. I have advised successive U.S. Presidents to protect the free world, standing up to the communist strategy of turning the world red." It is well known internationally that Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon were behind the historical events that led to the collapse of totalitarian communism. Rev. and Mrs. Moon were adamantly opposed to the theory of dialectical materialism, which denies religion and God. As a couple who followed the Will of God, and who have experienced the Korean War first-hand, they felt it was their moral obligation to confront the historic conflict between communism and democracy to build a world of peace.   In 1968, at the height of the Cold War, the founders established the International

Initiating a Movement for Moral Reawakening

  "America was founded on the Puritan spirit and grew to be the strongest country in the world in just two hundred years because it received God's boundless love and blessing. But that America cast God aside. I went to the United States to awaken America's spirit, to save America from destruction, and to urge the American people to repent and return to God." America, a land blessed by God, had contracted a serious illness in the 1970s. At that time, the United States was threatened by the Cold War and much American youth were living lives of decadence, far removed from the Will of God. It was during that crisis, when the dire warnings of moral decay blared out of America's media and academic institutions, that Rev. and Mrs. Moon called on the people to return to Godism and reawaken the Judeo-Christian spirit. In 1974 and 1975, Rev. Moon delivered a speech entitled "One Nation Under God" before members of the House of Representatives: "America

True Families Are the Starting Point for World Peace

  "We are becoming husband and wife to complete the mission given  to us by God to become True Parents.  God wants to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven on earth through a family. You and I will travel a difficult path to become True Parents who will open the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven for others." The starting point for a peaceful world is a loving family. In order to realize a peaceful world where humanity lives together as one family, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon held a holy wedding ceremony on April 11, 1960, becoming husband and wife in the position of parents of humanity. They then embarked on a journey together to embrace humanity with the heart of a parent on behalf of God.     For the founders, marriage is not merely a union between a man and a woman; it is a sacred “Blessing” by which a man and a woman become one, create life, seek true love, and continue God's creative work. Through the Blessing, a “True Family” can be formed, and from there a

Why we need to take immediate action to stop climate change

In the summer of 2007, the Arctic sea ice that had remained frozen for thousands of years began to melt. Its surface area decreased to a quarter of what it was before. Due to these changes in the Arctic Ocean ecosystem, many animals, including polar bears, have become endangered. But is global warming a problem only for polar bears? ㅡ The threat we are facing now ㅡ For the past 100 years, the Earth has become warmer at a faster pace than ever before. The Earth’s temperature has never changed by more than 1°C in the previous 10,000 years but in the recent 100 years since the Industrial Revolution, the Earth’s temperature rose by 1°C. This phenomenon of the Earth becoming warmer is called global warming. Reasons the Earth’s temperature is rising l   Human activity Climate change can occur due to natural causes but the climate change being experienced in the past 100 years has been accelerated by human activity. l   Greenhouse gases and greenhouse effect Ninety-nine percent