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목요일, 5월 10, 2018

Radio Meraj Awarded 3 Prizes in Herat

Radio Meraj, a private radio broadcasting station founded by our 2017 co-laureate Sakena Yacoobi, recently won three awards for best performance (best news reporter, best speaker and best content) among broadcasting stations in Herat.

Founded upon the mission to empower the poor with information about the world and about their rights as human beings, Radio Meraj aims to enlighten the Afghan masses through its broadcasting. Its programs, which include podcasts, news briefings, poetry readings, discussions, etc. cover a variety of topics: social issues, health, ideal families, human rights, literature, music and more. 

As an enterprise that has existed for only 3 years (since 2015), Radio Meraj has already become one of Herat's top 3 radio stations.

Apart from these three awards, Radio Meraj won an award for best guest speaker from NAI-Support Open Media in Afghanistan in 2016, and won three awards for best news package, best analysis and speakers, and best innovative programming from the Afghanistan Institute of Research and Studies in 2017.

Dr. Yacoobi endeavors to revive Afghanistan's culture and values using Radio Meraj as one of the means to do so. One of her objectives is to help her people live in harmony with other nations and make contributions to the world. Currently, she is not only reforming Afghan society, but it trying to reconnect its people to their peaceful, pre-war culture.

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