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목요일, 5월 10, 2018

AIL Hosts Teacher Workshop in Baghdad and Kabul

During the month of April, the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) held a workshop for 70 school teachers and administrators in Baghdad, Iraq.

Representing Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, the founder and executive director of AIL, was Mr. Wali Shah, an AIL senior consultant, who opened the workshop with words of felicitation and talked about the beautiful Parvan Province.

During the opening, lecturers and participants talked about a new elementary school education system. And also, lectures taught about the value and roles of teachers and professors in relation to their students -- that teachers should be models and guides for humanity because of their duty to teach.

In the course of the opening ceremony, Parwan Province's deputy director of urban education spoke about the importance of the workshop and praised AIL for its work and services.

AIL also held the workshop in Afghanistan's Kabul Province.

In the beginning, the ceremony of was held openly under the leadership of the AIL office, members of the Kohdaman Council, scholars, jihadi activists, district educators, educational education supervisors, directors and professors.

Mr. Wali Shah again spoke on behalf of his colleagues, describing love for education, as exemplified by Dr. Yacoobi, to be Afghanistan's salvation out of ignorance.

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