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목요일, 2월 22, 2018

Sunhak Peace Prize Exhibition Booth (Side-Panel at the ILC 2018)

Lotte Hotel World, Seoul -- The Sunhak Peace Prize Secretariat held an exhibition booth for the Sunhak Peace Prize, during the 2018 ILC event.
The International Leadership Conference (ILC) is a global forum that discusses issues of peace and security, as well as world peace. High-ranking participants from around the world gather to discuss way to realize peace. The 2018 ILC, titled "Building a World of Lasting Peace: Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values," was held between February 18 and 22.
More than 550 participants -- political, religious, academic, media, economic, social and civial society leaders -- from more than 80 nations around the world showed great interest in the Sunhak Peace Prize, promoted at the exhibition booth. The booth featured inspiring videos about the achievements of the Sunhak laureates and highlights of the 2017 award ceremony, and sold commemorative postcards and biographical books of the 2015 and 2017 laureates.

[Curious guests watch an introductory video of the 2017 Sunhak Peace Prize laureates] 

On top of it all, the exhibition booth handed out nomination forms for the 2019 Sunhak Peace Prize, written in Korea, Japanese, English, French, Spanish and Russian. They attracted the attention of many ILC participants, who took generous numbers of forms. 

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