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목요일, 2월 01, 2018

[Commemorative Publication] Dr. Gino Strada: The Hero who Fought for the Right to Medical Care

The 2017 Sunhak Peace Prize Commemorative Book
'Gino Strada: The Hero who Fought for the Right to Medical Care'  has been published.

Pick up a copy and learn more about the Battlefield Surgeon who spearheads emergency relief activities in conflict areas around the world.

Dr. Gino Strada is an Italian surgeon who, for 28 years, has been providing humanitarian relief to the victims of war and poverty, and refugees around the world. In 1994, he founded the international medical relief organization called EMERGENCY, which now operates more than 60 medical facilities in 17 countries, and has saved more that 8 million lives.

The Sunhak Peace Prize Committee awards those who have peacefully led humanity towards a common destiny, and selected Italian surgeon Dr. Gino Strada and Afghan educator Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, as co-recipients of the 2017 Sunhak Peace Prize Award Ceremony, for their work to solve the refugee crisis.

Dr. Gino Strada sees the right to be cured as a basic and inalienable human right, and is raising the bar, striving to provide high-quality medical treatment free-of-charge to people in need. He has been highly regarded for his campaigns to abolish war, and has been awarded the 2017 Sunhak Peace Prize.



Chapter 1. Battlefield Surgeon
The Holocaust isnt over
Determined to become a surgeon at the battlefield
Scourge of the Green Parrots
The reality of refugee camps
What defines a war surgeon?

Chapter 2. EMERGENCY on the Most Tragic Frontline
The three principles of EMERGENCY
On the frontline of the worlds tragedies
The best center for cardiac surgery in Africa
Building special medical facilities across Africa
EMERGENCY to save childrens lives
Beyond surgery: the path to rehabilitation and self-reliance
Restoring peoples lives
The ultimate goal: the day when the world does not need EMERGENCY

Chapter 3. Changing Perspectives Is the Beginning of Peace
Treatment without discrimination
Medicine is not a business
Opposing the production of anti-personnel mines
Wishing for a world without war
Humanitarian of the 21st century

Chapter 4. The Sunhak Peace Prize for Future Generations
The Sunhak Peace Prize award ceremony
Major achievements
Acceptance speech
World Summit speech




Publisher's review

"We want a world based on justice and solidarity.
No more war, no more death, no more victims."

Even now, more than ten regions globally are ensnared in war and terrorist attacks. However, what's more gruesome than that is the fact that nine out of ten victims of armed conflicts are civilians; and among them, one-third are children.

Dr. Gino Strada grew up in the safe suburbs of Italy, but ended up working for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on the forefront of a battlefield, where he witnessed the urgent need for medical treatment for the victims of war, which compelled him to stay.

He and his wife established the emergency medical organization, called EMERGENCY, and have been providing medical relief at the forefront of conflicts in Africa and the Middle East. To date, EMERGENCY has been operating more than 60 hospitals, surgical centers, rehabilitation centers, first aid centers and cardiac surgery centers in 17 of the most dangerous and vulnerable countries in the world. In 2007, Dr. Strada established the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery, which has been providing free, high-quality cardiac surgery to countless individuals. He is also taking the lead to ensure that the 'right to be cured' becomes a basic human right for all. In particular, he is largely credited for spreading the notion that the right to healthcare should be guaranteed by the state for all its citizens.

Dr. Gino Strada, is well aware that the nature of war has changed so that it directly affects even women and children, and has witnessed the devastation of landmines in conflict zones for many years. In response to decades of suffering caused by those landmines, he began a campaign to protest war and the production of anti-personnel landmines.

Dr. Gino Strada, the hero of war victims and refugees, has been fighting for the 'right to be cured' for nearly 30 years in the cold operating room, where life and death intersect, hoping that one day war may vanish, like a passing breeze; and with it, refugees and war victims.


◈​ Written and edited by the Sunhak Peace Prize Foundation
​ Format : Shin Kook Pan, 338 pages
​ Publication date : January 25, 2018
​ ISBN : 979-11-88794-04-1(03300)
​ Price : 15,000₩

※ Purchases available online and in bookstores

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