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월요일, 12월 04, 2017

Squalid Libya migrant camps in spotlight at EU-Africa summit

[November 29, 2017] AP News 

 Abidjan, Ivory Coast -- European Union and African leaders pledged Wednesday to do more to help thousands of migrants stranded in squalid detention centers in Libya, the main jumping-off point for desperate people setting out in unseaworthy boats in search of better lives in Europe. 

While youth and development are the main themes of their EU-Africa summit in Ivory Coast, migration is an agenda topping issue, pushed further into the public eye after recent footage of migrants at a slave auction in Libya drew international horror and condemnation. 

Opening the meeting in Abidjan, Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara said the security of Europe and Africa will “depend on our capacity to resolve the crisis in Libya and to bring an end, by all available means, to the inhuman treatment inflicted on migrants.” 

French President Emmanuel Macron said that he, leaders from other EU and African countries that include Libya, and the United Nations were discussing going after human traffickers with “concrete, military and police actions on the ground to trace back these networks.” 

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