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일요일, 12월 03, 2017

Introduction, Dr. Sakena Yacoobi

Sakena Yacoobi, who has witnessed the suffering life of Afghan refugees who have been scarred by decades of war, is convinced that education is the key to hope for future generations. In 1995, the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) was established to provide a systematic educational environment, providing education and vocational training to 13 million refugees, and in particular contributing to the improvement of the human rights and social status of Muslim women. Even under life-threatening circumstances under the Taliban regime, Dr. Yacoobi has educated more than 3,000 girls in over 80 underground "secret" schools. Unlike the first-generation Afghan refugees, whose pioneering efforts have been devastated by despair and poverty, second and third-generation refugees have become leaders for their community's reconstruction. 

Educational Background

  • 1997, Bachelor of Biology, University of the Pacific (California, USA)
  • 1981, Master's Degree in Public Health, Loma Linda University (California, USA)
  • 2007, Honorary Doctorate of Laws, University of the Pacific
  • 2008, Master's Degree in Public Health, Loma Linda University (California, USA)
  • 2008, Honorary Doctorate of Humanitarian Service, Loma Linda University
  • 2010, Honorary Doctorate of Education from Santa Clara University
  • 2013, Honorary Doctor of Laws, Princeton University
  • 2014, Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, University of St. Joseph
  • 2016, Honorary doctorate of Humane Letters, Middlebury Institute of International           Studies

Professional Background

  • 1982-Present, Established Creating Hope International (CHI) in Michigan, USA
  • 1981-1991. Health Consultant
  • 1989-1992, D Etre University (Michigan, USA)
  • 1992-1995, International Rescue Committee (IRC) women's education and teacher                  training program
  • 1992-2001, Operated more than 80 underground "secret" schools for girls (3,000                    students)
  • 1995-Present, Founder and President of Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL)
  • 2007-Present, Founded four "Professor Sakena Yacoobi Private School" facilities in                     Kabul and Herat, Afghanistan (K-12), the "Professor Sakena Yacoobi                          Private Hospital and Clinic", and Radio Meraj 94.1FM

Major Awards

  • 2004, Women's Rights Prize (Peter Gruber Foundation)
  • 2005, Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
  • 2005, Democracy Award (National Endowment for Democracy)
  • 2013, Opus Prize (Opus Prize Foundation)
  • 2015, World Innovation Summit for Education Prize (Qatar Foundation)

AIL Key Features

  • Developed grassroots models to strengthen the capacity of Afghan women, foster women leaders, promote women's health, and provide education
  • Provides quality educational opportunities in kindergartens, elementary schools, universities, women's education centers, and educational learning centers
  • Literacy class operation, operation of income-generating vocational training project for women who are in need of financial support
  • Operated 80 secret schools under the Taliban regime in 4 regions of Afghanistan and successfully educated over 3,000 girls without incident
  • Provides leadership and human rights education for Afghan women
  • Provides health education and basic medical services : family planning, antenatal / postpartum care, midwifery
  • Computer management training
  • Operates advisory clinic for poor Afghan women

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